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Boxing History Presentation - Bro. Jack Johnson

22 October 2019


The regular meeting on 22 October will be a business meeting followed by a presentation from a well know Past Master and Brother.


The RWM of Lodge Whifflet St John 963 is proud to introduce Bro Graham Letford PM who will conduct a presentation on Brother Jack Johnson a former heavyweight boxer and Freemason.


Jack Johnson born in on 31 March 1878, in Galveston, Texas, the son of ex-slaves and the third of nine children, Johnson possessed an air of confidence and drive to exceed beyond the hardscrabble life his parents had known.


In 1908 he was the first African-American to win the world heavyweight boxing crown when he defeated reigning champion Tommy Burns by a knock out, he was nicknamed “The Galveston Giant”.


During fights in Newcastle in 1911, Johnson was acquainted with an army officer who told him about his masonic Lodge and asked him to accompany him to Scotland and join the Lodge.


Johnson agreed and the heavyweight champion travelled up from Newcastle and on 13 October 1911, became a freemason in Forfar and Kincardine, No. 225 Lodge, in Dundee.


This was not well received by Grand Lodge who sent a telegram to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Forfarshire ordering them to stop the initiation…………..


I am sure there be more interesting facts about his boxing life and masonic journey and it is sure to be an exciting presentation.


Please come along and join us at Whifflet St John for an evening in fellowship and history.